Oetz in summer


Ragardless of whether you prefer a relaxing or an active holiday, the Alpenhotel is a wonderful starting point.

Your choices include relaxing walking tours, exciting mountain hikes or even fixed rope routes, known as via-ferrata or Kletterstiege. For those who prefer water activities either idyllic natural lakes or open air pool complex such as “Aqua Dome” in Längenfeld are also very attractive alternatives.
Oetz also hosts the annual world extreme kayak championships.

Piburger See

A pristine natural lake – the largest of the Ötz Valley and the warmest mountain lake in Tyrol. You can go swimming, boating, or hiking around this nature reserve.

Adventure holiday

For an adventure-filled vacation, there’s nothing like rafting, kayaking, climbing and paragliding.

Alpenhotel Adventure week


The adventure playground sits at an altitude of 2000m and is ideal for families.

Bicycling and Mountainbiking


There are more than 20 routes branching off of the main trail will take you back into the Ötz Valley. What better way to enjoy an unspoiled natural landscape and fresh air on a bike?
Not everyone who wants to explore this vacation paradise in this fashion has to have his own super-bike. There are a number of ways to borrow or rent a good bike.

Good to know

Once you’ve purchased your Ötztal Card for a single, affordable price, you are free to use numerous different touristic offerings throughout the Ötz Valley, at no extra cost. Unlimited use of of puplic transportation systems, all mountain lifts, free entrance in museums and swimming pools.

Enjoy the hiking routs in Hochoetz-Kühtai.